Tuesday, 8 May 2012

That's a lot better

I never realised how weather-obsessed this cycling lark would make me. I keep a general eye on the weather forecast but the most important portent of the day's cycling is the flagpole in the garden of one of my neighbour's. It's fluttering or lack thereof lets me know when I set off for the morning whether I'll have a headwind to cycle against on the way in to work. This morning I did. Not a big one but enough to make a difference!

However, come home-time the sun was out and this morning's headwind had become a slight tailwind. Not a big one but enough to make a difference. And what a difference!

I had one of the fastest, happiest rides of my cycle-commuting career. It was truly amazing - hills that have sometimes had to be crawled up in first gear were blasted up in third. I'm definitely getting stronger but the positive physical and psychological effect of the wind and fine weather played a big part too.

I was, but for tremendous hunger, almost disappointed to arrive home.

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