Wednesday, 23 May 2012

A bit of an update

"It's been a long time since I rock and rolled..." sang Led Zeppelin and it's also been a long time since I blogged too. In the main this is down to my inbuilt idleness but also because I spent the weekend away cycling.

I went down to Herefordshire with a bunch of work colleagues where we rode 100 miles around the Malvern Hills and Forest of Dean in two days. Unfortunately (for this blog) I didn't take the Dahon, rather my hybrid.  I have no doubt at all the I could have done the distance on my folder but I worried about its slight lack of top speed.  I have ridden with the same crowd a few times before and it tends to be a speedy experience! That said, there were a lot of hills to climb which slowed everyone down although hammering down the other side of them proved to be exilerating indeed - I have never been so fast on a bike!

I was also really pleased at my general level of fitness and how well my legs stood up to the experience. Clearly the effect of high weekly mileage, even if broken into smaller chunks, builds up and makes a strong body. Everyone felt a bit dead at the end of the second day to be honest and who wouldn't with 100 miles of cycling in their legs

There's always an upside though and being able to indulge in much beer and curry on Saturday night without so much as a thought for the calories was wonderful. I did however also discover that a pint of bitter and a bacon and egg roll are not ideal sports nutrition prior to the longest, highest climb of the weekend...

We have a few Sundays out planned and maybe another weekend away too. I've offered a "home match" of a Sunday out in the lanes near where I live so one way or another, the Dahon will have its day!

Ready for the off.  This looked better on my iPhone!

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