Monday, 28 May 2012


It's another beautiful day out there today and motivation to get out of the door on my bike is not generally hard to find. Sometimes though, especially when tired on the final, station-to-home leg of the commute, those negative thoughts can creep in. Suddenly, it all seems like so much hard work and a lift in the car would only be a phonecall away...

It's at times like those that I draw a bit if strength from some of the other cycling blogs and websites I read. Some are just regular commuters like me and some full-on around the world travellers. It's important though not to look for the differences between my exploits and theirs but for the similarities. If you're as reactionary as me, it is too easy to end up feeling rather inadequate - like I should be riding further, faster and somewhere more exotic. However, no matter where and why we cycle or what bike we ride, all of us are choosing a different path to the norm. All are getting fitter through their own efforts and are spending less on oil-based fuels than the majority.

And so as I haul my way up the long hill on my way home, although i'll be on a road I've ridden many times before, in my mind i'll be planning my next adventure. Sometimes something as simple as the next ride out with the family and sometimes huge and far-flung which may never happen. However I drift away in the confines of my head, it's that sense of kinship with other cyclists, (commuters, racers and hardened cycle adventurers alike), the knowledge that we are all out there really doing it, that keeps me going and keeps it fresh.

As some sage once said, "Those who will tell you something cannot be done should not interrupt those out there doing it!"

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