Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The scores so far

Seems I've fallen behind a bit with keeping this up to date but hey-ho.  The scores so far are as follows:

Week 9 – 64 miles
Week 10 – 67.5 miles (plus 100 mile weekender on my other bike)

Total to date – 679.5 miles

So the total on the Dahon is certainly racking up and the total on my legs is even higher.  In just ten weeks of bike commuting I'm slimmer, fitter and a lot happier.  I should add wealthier as my weekly travel costs are lower than they used to be but for some reason saving money rarely manifests itself as a pile of casj in my pocket.  However at least what I do spend isn't going to some big oil company.

On a side note, the weather is bloody lovely in the UK today.  Blue skies and bright sunshine so it'll be a hot one going home tonight.  Long may it continue because I'll be praying for days like this in the middle of December! 


  1. I got a folding bike last year too - I went for a Montague bike though - I liked that it was full-size. I've been doing a lot of riding so far this year - it's great for commuting and getting out on the trails.

  2. Wow they look cool. I'd not heard of that brand before but have seen some really nice full size folders. Airnimal make good ones - I saw an insane fixed gear one somewhere online!

  3. Make sure you get your bike serviced - the first one is probably free. Notably for spoke tensioning (I've heard stories of Dahons and broken spokes), and for checking all the hinge mechanisms.