Saturday, 5 May 2012

A couple of pics

I'm still getting used to this iPhone thing and the Blogger interface. I took a couple is snaps on the way to work yesterday. The weather wasn't great so I didn't stop for any scenic ones. Here's the obligatory "bike on the railway station platform" shot:

Folded ready to get on the train:

And on the train (this phone has no flash so apologies for the poor picture!):

I wish I could've taken some on the move too. There was a huge double traffic queue like the one I sat in the other day. How I laughed smugly as I zoomed between them all to the front of the queue. I did stop to take this one though:

It's a road I ride downhill on the way in. The combination of telegraph poles and trees mean that (especially on bin day) it's like the Star Wars pod racing sequence! Laughs all the way!

Interestingly (or not) on the way home yesterday, I left the office car park at exactly the same time as a colleague in his car. Through a combination of traffic and traffic lights, it took almost the full four miles to the station for him to catch up with and pass me!  I don't know who was more surprised!

Added from laptop:  The iPhone blogger app is quite good but doesn't seem to let you put your pictures in line with the text.  On a personal note, I need to sharpen up my photography skills - some of those pictures suck on the big screen!

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