Thursday, 3 May 2012

Another car day

Yes it was another "needed to use the car" days today. I took my old runaround to the garage to price up a couple of things that need doing to it. The price quoted made me turn greyer - more than the car's worth to be honest - so there's a tough decision to be made there I think. I digress.

While some parts of me (not least my war-worn legs) were glad for the much shorter commute, I had to sit through a dreadful pile of traffic on the way home:

As ever I arrived back feeling dreadful and in dire need of fresh air and exercise!

I realise my cycle-commuter evangelism might read with a similar zeal to the rantings of, say, a reformed smoker. It's true though - commuting by car sucks and cycling is the way forward!

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