Thursday, 31 May 2012

A couple of good sites

When I was considering buying a folding bike, I was a little unsure of the diistance they were capable of covering.  I was still in the "shopper-bike" mindset I suppose.  So I had a bit of a google around to see what information was out there.

One of the best articles I found was from Todd Fahrner - a guy in the US who works for Brompton dealer Clever Cycles.  He rode, over a couple of weeks, 700 miles or so down the west coast of America and through what sounds like some really challenging terrain.  It is very well writtten and truly inspiring:

Another site that caught my eye was The Path Less Pedaled.  It is the blog of a Russ Roca and Laura Crawford - a couple who sold everything to go and tour a chunk of the world by bike.  For a large part of their tour they both rode Bromptons - for convenience but also to show what can be done on a folding bike.

I love the sense of adventure that sites like those inspire and I love the utter irreverence of hard-core touring on a folding bike.  It's reading things like this that give me something to put it all in perspective when my own cycling gets a bit tough.

And I want a Brompton as well...

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