Monday, 23 April 2012

Wibble wobble

I'm suffering from a loose and wobbly rear end.  No need for alarm dear reader and no need for a trip to the doctor's.  I have a wobbly back wheel on the Dahon.  It's been like it since that puncture the other day and is really noticeable at high speed down a hill.  Not the time for a wobbly anything to be honest.

Now in best engineering mode, I've done a bit of fault finding:

  • The bike has a new inner-tube so it's not that causing the issue
  • The rim itself is running completely true
  • The run out follows the tyre.  In other words if you rotate the tyre but not the rim or tube, the tyre runs out side to side in the same place on the tyre, not the rim
  • I've lubed-up the rim, tyre and tube with Fairy Liquid so they aren't binding together

It's almost as if, in a couple of places, the tyre is blowing up the wrong shape.  It's definitely not always done that - I would have noticed.  The only thing I can think of now is that maybe the puncture has split one or two of the reinforcing cords in the tyre making it inflate wrongly.  Sounds iffy I know but I'm now at a loss to be honest.

Back to City Cycles on the weekend I reckon...

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