Tuesday, 17 April 2012

My bike (sort of)

This blog would be more than a little random if it did not have any pictures of my folding bike.  Were it not for the fact that any pictures I have are utterly crappy ones taken on my BlackBerry, it would have. Indeed it shall have but for now we must turn to the Dahon website for information.

This one is the same as mine (only mine's blue):

And here it is folded (only black, not blue):

Now just for kicks, here is something that is high up my "want" list (and which, given the typically parlous state of my finances, will stay there for a very long time).  A folding bike that will perform like a racer and which would (I feel certain) see me capable of keeping up with the peloton on "Le Tour".  It's utterly off-the-wall and I love it, ladies and gentlemen je vous presente:

The Dahon Vector X27:

Awesome n'est pas?

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