Monday, 23 April 2012

The scores so far

I had a fantastic ride in to the office this morning.  Lovely and fresh out and the hedgerows are bursting with (mainly bird) life!

So the scores on the doors thus far for my folding bike and I are as follows:

Week 6 - 88.5 miles (includes short day after puncture on one day and full ride home on another)

Total to date - 422.5 miles

There are a few of us at work who are into cycling and we're planning a weekend away in May.  We're going to do a 100 mile route with an over night stop though for convenience (i.e. not having to carry everything on the bikes) it'll most likely be a "figure-of eight" route.  In other words, out from and back to a base location on both days.  I'd always though that I'd use my hybrid for the weekend with it's wider gear range, but I'm growing so accustomed to my Dahon folder that I may just use that instead.

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