Sunday, 29 April 2012

Customer service

I popped up to City Cycles to sort out the back tyre of my Dahon on Saturday.  To be honest, although I'm certain that it shouldn't have worn in the way it has, tyres being consumable and all, I was primed to have to cough up for the replacement.

However, after a quick chat with one of the guys in the shop, I was given a replacement tyre at no charge.  They'd have fitted it if I'd wanted them to as well but I couldn't leave the bike with them.  Not a difficult job to do though.

I fitted the new tyre today and it's a Michelin - a really good one.  It has a nice thick tread to keep out the worst of any puncturing objects and feels much sturdier and generally tougher than the Dahon one I took off.  It's also slightly narrower than the original so has less rolling resistance too.  I think they're only about 13 quid so I'll definitely be buying a matching one for the front wheel as well.

Maybe a set for the hybrid too...

Anyway I can't speak highly enough of City Cycles.  They're a Raleigh dealer mainly and as Dahon are a recent Raleigh acquisition, they are a little bit new to them.  However that hasn't stopped the few minor issues I've had  from being dealt with fairly and professionally.

A big thumbs up all round, I'd say.

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  1. Great article Thank you, I have been commuting for years on my folding bike, but looking to get a new one, any recommendations? I was thinking of getting Dahon MU Uno.. Any good? Thanks :)