Thursday, 19 April 2012

We'll weather the weather

I woke up this morning (incidentally I can never read or hear that phrase without starting to sing “The Blues”) to hear heavy rain outside.  No small surprise there as it had been doing its very best to drum through the top of the wheelie bin when I went to bed last night.  So I dressed appropriately – big gloves and most waterproof coat.
However, when I left the house the rain had stopped and it stayed stopped all the way to the railway station.  The whole of the train journey was rained on but by the time I started the “station to office” leg of my commute, it had stopped again.  I arrived at the office nice and dry if a little warm from the unnecessary use of my waterproof.  It seems someone was smiling on me this morning.
Out of idle curiosity this morning, I checked the Met Office website and found the following on the front page:

Note special mention of the East Midlands in the “Yellow Warning of severe weather”!  A bit more digging revealed the following:

Issued at: 1153 on Wed 18 Apr 2012
Valid from: 1100 on Thu 19 Apr 2012
Valid to: 2100 on Thu 19 Apr 2012
Slow-moving heavy showers are expected to develop across eastern parts of England through Thursday.  During the afternoon in particular some heavy downpours are likely, with a chance of hail and thunder. The public should be aware that localised surface water flooding may occur, leading to difficult driving conditions. The showers should gradually ease during the evening.

Translation:  You and your Dahon will get mightily pissed on all the way home.
Mind you, in an odd way, I’m quite looking forward to the prospect of riding through a thunder storm.  Although I ride the same journey most days, there’s never any shortage of variety. 

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