Thursday, 19 April 2012


The other week I installed a bottle cage* to my Dahon.  I thought it would save me a little bit of time by removing the need to stop and fish around in my rucksack for a drink.  Indeed it has been very successful and  I can now drink when the fancy takes me without needing to stop.  However, when taking a drink after a hard climb or fast sprint (which is pretty much the only time I'd bother) the sensation is not unlike what it must feel like to be water-boarded!  I find myself hastily swallowing much-needed fluids in order to gasp desperately for air immediately afterwards.  Horrible!

Surely it can't be possible to drink and breathe through tour nose at the same time?

*Incidentally, I bought it from Wiggle online ( whose service I cannot fault.  It was a very small order but was dispatched promptly and came complete with a couple of free bags of Haribo sweets.  Awesome!

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