Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The story so far - parte the seconde

The first week that I had my shiny new Dahon folder, I was blighted with illness.  I don’t get that ill very often (my wife would beg to differ, but I don’t) but the net effect was that I wasn’t up to trying out the cycle commute until the Thursday.

Like a good boy Scout I got all of my kit ready the night before and got up nice and early on Thursday.  It was very, very foggy but I made it to the station in surprisingly quick time and in one, slightly sweaty, piece.  By coincidence, my wife was taking the kids to a party across the city from where I work so rather than train-commute home, I cycled the 9 miles across town to meet them and get a lift home.  On the whole, I have to say, I felt brilliant and ready to rock the following day.
The scores so far are:
Week 1 – 42 miles (Includes a preliminary, lunchtime “pootle” round the block)
Week 2 – 115 miles (The full, five-day commute – although Thursday was a huge psychological effort!)
Week 3 – 46 miles
Week 4 – 47 miles (Bottled it and used the car one day, also a Bank Holiday hence the short week.)
Week 5 – 81 miles (Also a short week but used it for transport on the weekend too.)
Which brings us up to date.  Circumstances and holiday have conspired against doing more than one “five-dayer” but the miles are certainly racking up.  In an uncharacteristic burst of attention to detail, I started a log of weekly miles from the outset – mainly to keep a record of repairs and maintenance.
So including miles to date this week, I’m up to a total of 384 miles on my new bike.  Not bad for little over a calendar month.

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