Tuesday, 7 August 2012


An early meeting this morning, at a time that didn’t quite work with the train timetable, meant that I took a slightly different route into work.  I set off early and cycled 11 miles down to a friend’s house halfway to the office, and then got a lift the rest of the way.
To be honest, I was looking forward to the change of scenery and a slightly longer morning ride.  However, I was shocked to find that I had absolutely no power in my legs at all – all of the way there!
At first I thought that I just needed my legs to warm up a bit and then perhaps that I needed my breakfast to digest somewhat.  However, several miles into the ride I was still struggling up the hills and even along some flat sections (with a slight headwind).  I crawled along in second gear or struggled to heave against third – truly soul-destroying!  The route was slightly hillier than usual but that would not normally cause a problem.  I have ridden the same road in reverse when cycling the whole way home from work a couple of times and it has not presented significant problems.
My diet at the moment is pretty good so I don’t believe it was a stored energy issue.  The distance should not have been a problem either as I have ridden significantly further and faster.  My CV fitness is pretty good as I am rarely worse than slightly out of breath on any ride (unless I go for a mad sprint for some reason).  I wasn’t struggling for air this morning at all and my general health is fine.
I have however been going to bed far too late recently and getting up early.  Even on the weekend it is routinely beyond midnight before I turn in for the night and sometimes an hour or so after that.  I wish I could report that it was as a result of a hedonistic party lifestyle, but alas it is not.  It is a simple function of trying to enjoy a couple of hours of peace before bed but after the children have retired for the night.  Their summer-holiday induced later bedtimes have had a pro-rata impact on mine.
The upshot is though that my muscles don’t seem to be recovering as they should.  I feel tired.  Really tired and in need of a couple of good nights’ sleep.  I still have a few miles to go today though and short of resorting to sugar and caffeine overdose (the crash from which is truly awful) I’ll have to grit my teeth and then try for an early night.
Fingers crossed...

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  1. I hate when that happens to me on my commute, but sometimes I just can't get the legs going. It makes me glad I ride a folding bike though, since I can always just hop on the bus and get home that way.