Thursday, 9 August 2012


Well since the opening ceremony of the Olympics the other week, it’s gone absolutely sport-mad over here in the UK!  The atmosphere is fantastic – helped in no small part by our impressive medal haul.  I’ve been so inspired to see how many of our medals have been won by our cyclists and in particular the track team in the velodrome.
The road race on the first Saturday was a bit of a disaster – I think the team just picked the wrong strategy and let the breakaway group get too far ahead.  It has to be remembered though that several of them had just completed the Tour de France little more than a week earlier (including Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome – first and second respectively in the Tour) which puts their enormous effort into even sharper perspective.  Most mortals would be forgiven for spending months recovering after such an endeavour, not racing a 250km world-class road race so soon afterwards!
The men and women in the velodrome have been truly awesome.  Years and years of planning and preparation have gone into our success but ultimately it comes down to the person on the bike.  To see how much sheer power they are able to turn on in an instant for a sprint to the finish is stunning!
It seems like there are more cyclists out on the roads at the moment, no doubt inspired by Team GB.  Personally speaking, there has been more than one occasion that I'm sure I’ve dug deeper than usual – spurred on by our efforts on the road and track.
Team GB you have been simply amazing and I salute you!

On a considerably more human note, my mileage to date:

Week 21 - 95 miles

Total to date - 1,333 miles

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