Monday, 30 July 2012

Mileage to date

Well last week was a pretty big week for me, mileage wise.  I was already up to four full days commuting to the office before choosing to cycling all the way home on Friday night and then popped out for a short spin through the lanes on Saturday with my eldest daughter.

That was a lovely 8.5 miles actually, fairly short but at a reasonable pace.  It wasn't so long ago that she had to climb the hills with me pushing her for help - on Saturday we bombed down one at 35.1 mph! :-)

I haven't done a mileage post for a while so here are the stats:

Week 17 - 64 miles
Week 18 - 64 miles
Week 19 - 1 mile (ish.  On holiday - bike only used for odd trips to the campsite shop or toilets)
Week 20 - 111 miles (That's more like it!)

Total to date:  1,238 miles

It was only the other week I'd topped 1,000 miles, now I'm rocking on towards another 1,000!

On another note, it's always a pleasure to find another folding bike related website or blog.  Dahon popped a link up to this one on Facebook this morning:

It looks really good and hopefully full of information for others like me who want to do some big miles and over-nighters on out "little" bikes


  1. You might also want to check out They're focused more on full-size folding bikes, but still a great website/resource.

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