Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Feeling hot, hot hot!

There's no doubt about it we've had a pretty wet early summer in the UK.  For several weeks, I got wet pretty much every day on the bike and while it's not really so bad, it did get a little wearing. 

However, things have really changed for the better!  Since last weekend we've had some absolutely scorching temperatures, sunny days and clear blue skies.  It has been a blissful week to be commuting by bike.

The slight downside is that it's only Wednesday and I feel pretty knackered!  I've been eating plenty, taking water with me and a week's rest from the bike last week gave my legs some nice recovery time.  However, the heat is really taking it out of me.  The journey into work is not too bad as even though it's been bright, the morning temperatures are nice and cool.  A shower and change at work followed by a mug of tea and a banana see me set up for the day and ready to go.

Coming home is something else though.  I have been arriving home a hot, sweaty mess fit for little but collapsing on the sofa with a cold drink before mustering up the energy to eat something!  I'm really not complaining as when it's dark and miserable in the winter, I'll be praying for a day like today. 

I cling to the hope that working out in this heat will shift even more spare tyre from my waist and give me a lovely T-shirt tan for the summer!

I also have another good cycling related book on the go.  It is "The Man Who Cycled the Americas" by Mark Beamont and documents the author's cycle journey from the top of Alaska to to Southern tip of South America.  As is that weren't enough of a challenge, Mr. Beamont also threw climbing the highest peaks in North and South America (Denali and Aconcagua respectively) as well!  It's an engaging easy read and like all good cycling books makes me want to fetch out the Dahon and go for a ride.

By far and away the best way to travel!

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