Friday, 1 June 2012

The things you see when you're out and about

I'm quite a country boy at heart and am very happy with my own company. However, I've also always loved being in towns being around people and "people watching". I'm just nosey I suppose.

Now that I cycle and use the train I see more of people than I ever did when driving to work. And I really do see all sorts! Like, for instance:
  • The guy in funky clothes who always drinks a can of cider on the train home
  • The young chap who clearly works in an office job but spends his commute drawing busty graphic novel heroines on a Mac Book
  • The Chinese computer programmer who just about stops tapping code into a laptop to get on and off train
  • The man this morning (who usually wears fairly dull office dress) splendidly attired in a cream linen suit and straw hat
  • The girl with a peroxide beehive and fake tan the colour of mahogany
  • The man with pink, patent leather shoes
  • The elderly Indian lady meditating on a small patch of grass next to a subway
  • The guy in a pinstriped suit and carrying a briefcase and umbrella but wearing those split-toed ninja shoes
  • And many trainspotters

I love the variety and the stories each person looks like they have to tell. It makes you realise just what a vibrant place the world is and that you don't need to travel to far flung places to meet interesting and unusual people.

Of course, as they say, when you point a finger at someone there are three pointing back at you. So when my fellow commuters look at me what do they see?

Well, a guy in shorts and sometimes geeky glasses who rides a shopping bike and reads the Bible on his iPhone. So nothing out of the ordinary at all then...

Variety - the spice of life. It would be dull indeed if we were all the same.

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