Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The scores so far

Well last week was a big week.  For the second time since I've been using my bike to commute to work I did over 100 miles during the week.  Amazingly, the first time I got into three figures was only my second week of cycle commuting - no wonder my legs ached!  Last week was a harder week though.  Back in week two, I managed to leave all of my heavy kit in the office for the whole duration and cycle two and fro with a basically empty rucksack.  Last week, at least half the time, I had a full load and by Friday really felt it.  Not in aching, dead legs or anything like that, more just in being generally run down and looking forward to a lie in and a good feed on Saturday.

I have also somehow managed to miss a week the other week so there are another 82 miles to add into the total on top of last week's figures:

Total week 12 - 82 miles
Total week 14 - 102 miles

Total mileage so far - 960.5 miles

Should hopefully top the 1,000 mile mark this week! 

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