Wednesday, 8 April 2015

30 Days of Biking - Day 7

I am loving this weather we're having at the moment.  It has been cold and crisp in the mornings (though not too cold) and warm and sunny in tha afternoon.  Lovely for riding.

I did end up taking the train yesterday but it was too nice an evening to ride straight home so I went by a different and longer route.  What should have been a 7.5 mile ride ended up being nearer 13 by the time I got to our house.  It was great just to pedal and follow my nose along the lanes around where we live.  I could have ridden much further but was well ready for dinner when I arrived!

I'd even texted my lad to see if he wanted to ride and meet me for the last couple of miles.  He rides a BMK with the saddle down somewhere near the rear wheel so distance riding isn't really going to be his thing.  He insists that he would be no more comfortable if I put his seat up a bit though - you can't tell kids anything, can you?  At least the bike still has two working brakes although I have to keep telling him to use them to slow down, rather than dragging a foot on the floor.  Still if they've seen the pros doing it on YouTube...  None of that really mattered though - it was just good to ride together for the last part of my commute.

When I used to use the car every day, I would go out of my way to shave time and distance off the journey.  So unpleasant is an evening commute by car.  I don't ever remember voluntarily making the journey longer just for the sake of it.

It seems that, in yet another way, cycling beats driving hands down.

(28 miles for the day)

Nice view down the lane towards our house.
BMX Bandit in the distance.

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