Friday, 15 February 2013

Three grand

Oh and there's just the small matter of having smashed the 3,000 mile barrier on my Dahon to report too.  Counting other bike miles into the bargain, I'm at almost 4,000 in less than one year of cycling to work.

Compared to the Tour Divide or Race Across America, it not a huge distance as those events cover 2,750 miles off road or 3,000 miles on road respectively in a handful of weeks.  However, compared to most people it's a whole load more than they'd ride in five years I reckon!  As a side note I am fantasising more and more about riding the great Divide Moutain Bike Route one day.  Inspired by John Metcalfe's excellent book and both Kent Peterson and Justin Simoni's description of the adventure it sits on the back burner of my mind as a Big Goal for another day.  I accept that it's a bit of an extreme excuse to buy a mountain bike but a man's got to do what a man's got to do.

In general, as a result of my commuting, I'm feeling fitter, healthier, stronger, richer (well only just but I line the pockets of oil sheiks and insurance sharks less than I used to) more hardened to inclement weather and generally better for the planet.  I'm probably smugger than before too but I think I've earned the right - I'll try not to be so too much.

Onwards and upwards - the open road and adventure beckons...

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